What The 23rd Psalm Teaches Every Jewish Individual

The Book of Psalms is one of the most important Books of the Bible. These Psalms teach us whatever values there are to be learnt in life. A thorough understanding of each of the Psalms needs to be carried out and read on a daily basis. Though 23rd Psalm is read by each and every Jewish person at least once in their lives, we need to understand its true meaning and depth of each of the lines therein.

This Psalm teaches us that we should talk to God. We should treat God as our friend and talk to him as we would to our friends. Opening our hearts and letting them into the deepest corners. We should treat God as our friend and have a daily conversation with him. We should tell him all our troubles and thank him for the great mercies that he has shown us all the days of our lives and being thankful for the continued blessings that we will receive from God. Talking and praying to God will satisfy us in a way that nothing else can. The 23rd Psalm written by David talks about how the Lord is continually beside you and knows your every want. He is there to guide you and lead you through the most difficult times of your life.

Children should be taught to pray. From the moment children are of understanding age, parents should instill the habit of setting aside some time for prayers. It is said that the family that prays together stays together and this is something that is experienced in every Jewish and Christian household. Setting some time apart for family prayer will instill values in the minds of children that will be so strong as to stay with them their entire lives.

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23rd Psalm teaches us that once we accept God as our Master and Savior we do not need to fear anything. Putting all our fears in God's hands will give us assurance that we can get through any difficulty. The very words of 'me' and 'my' that are used throughout the 23rd Psalm shows your personal relationship with God and assurance that God is there for you whatever the circumstances. Children should be taught that since God is our Shepherd, just as sheep do not need anything or as the shepherd provides the sheep with all they need, likewise God knows our every need and will satisfy our needs according to what he thinks fit. Here it is important to note that it is our needs and not our wants that will be satisfied by God. Greed and avarice are not what will be satisfied by God as these are not our needs.

Teaching children values right from small is the duty of every parent. If you want to bring up your children to follow Gods commandments and to lead their lives according to his Word, every parent should take it as their moral responsibility to bring their children to Synagogues and Churches, celebrate all festivals in a traditional way and bring up God fearing and loving children who will be their pride and joy all till the very end.